Canadian banks started using time-delay locks in the late 1960s because of the record number of holdups at that time. Millions of dollars were being lost each year.

Time delay locks changed all that and holdup artists started turning their attention to retail establishments. Today many retail locations also enjoy the protection time-delay locks provide.

Most holdups can be prevented by merely indicating that an establishment is protected by time-delay locks. And in those cases where holdups do occur, time-delay locks help keep the loss a minimum.



Time-delay locks not only provide the best protection against holdups, they do it at much lower cost then other systems. All that is required is a light steel cabinet equipped with our time-delay lock, near the cash drawer.


Industries C.L.:

Industrie C.L. has been manufacturing time-delay locks for banking and retail customers since 1972. LEGAULT time-delay locks are used by customers across Canada and in countries around the world, including USA, Europe and Australia.



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